Improving social communication and bringing harmony to families and teams

Improving social
and bringing
harmony to families
and teams

My mission and vision.

My mission is to make men, women, and teenagers aware of generational patterns.

You might ask yourself why? The reason being, generational patterns can get in the way of personal development and relationships. I do this by myself, 

and also in collaboration with other organizations that believe in my mission and vision. We do this through courses, training, workshops, educational games, school materials, events, and social media.

My vision

My vision is to see families standing united on a strong foundation. Based on love, understanding(good communication), and respect!

For individuals

1 on 1 online coaching

With my 1 on 1 Online coaching, you’ll become aware of patterns that are dug deep and has influenced your life in such a wat that you can’t achieve certain goals.

Life online workshops

Specially developed for the Afro-Caribbean community. The workshop will make you understand more about your history, the traumatic events and patterns that have been created by these experiences. 

Foundation Projects for MEN

We offer youth and adult programs, where we create a private and safe environment with the goal to focus on personal leadership and talk about life challenges that men face.

"True connection with ourselves will give us the ability to choose a joyful life, and that's what I can assist you with."

For organizations

Team Synergy training

Team Synergy is for the company, organization or school that wants to offer its employees a special day. And at the same time wants to work on both awareness of the influences of the individual and his contribution to the team.

I believe that you can only work well together if you are aware, recognize and use each person’s individual strength. Synergy day is an interflow of awareness of the individual strength and what this can mean for the entire team. So the assignments and tools for the synergy day are focused on this. You can choose your own theme for the day and we will work with that.

What people say about my services


Elmary Obia -Virginie Business Owner & Mother

Today I had the privilege to attend the lecture “Role of the man in our lives” In the Netherlands by Gwen Inspires! I enjoyed this lecture and it was very informative. I could see myself in what was being said and was able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses very well! I was astonished to hear about the story of the colonization  history that was discussed! I loved it and recommend everyone to take this course, it is very educational! Gwen, keep on doing the great work!! God bless you!!”


Monice Connor

I participated in the workshop: “Talk vs listen”. The workshop Talk vs Listen was very interesting and intensive. It makes you realize the little but very important things when communicating with others , most importantly when you are communicating with yourself. A small adjustment in a sentence, can make a big difference. Also your thoughts and your mental conversations with yourself has a big impact on how you feel on a daily basis. I surely recommend others to participate in the workshop series. The
information you will receive will contribute to your personal growth. It’s always good to learn new things. The themes are up to date and relevant. The workbooks are Amazing. It’s to the point and easy to read and in our native language Papiamentu. It reflects the workshop content. Gwen is “Energetic” and “genuine”.

Gwen in the media


Project Fathers of Curaçao

Live interview with a father about bonding.
In this live interview series, we interviewed men who talk about topics that are not normally spoken about in our community. Topics about bonding, men and grief (loss of a child), communication, and relationship failure.

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Ñapa Curaçao

It was in the context of Father’s Day. In it, I explained why my project; the awareness of the role of the man is important and also what I do and why I designed the workshops for men.

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Project Creative Bonding

This was the first year after 32 years that I celebrated Father’s Day with my own dad. He wasn’t too enthusiastic about this workshop/event but during the event, he kept asking who is going to take the painting home because it is very beautiful. Here is a recap of this event.

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Bo AMIGA TV Direct

I’ve been on TV (Bo AMIGA TV Direct) to talk about the double standards in relationships when a man with a lot of money chooses to have 2 partners.

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