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The workshops

The workshops have been especially developed for those who come from or have ties with the Afro-Caribbean community, those who want to understand more about their history, the traumatic events and patterns that have been created by, or are a consequence of these experiences. 

These experiences are linked to the social-emotional issues we face to this day in Afro-Caribbean families and communities. These workshops aim to provide understanding of the current situation, and give you the tools to work through them and move forward.

This series of workshops was created by Gwen and are based on research materials, personal experience, observations from her work field, and tools from training she obtained herself as a certified social worker and NLP master coach.


Understanding why it is important to heal will be one of the most important keys for success in your life. Having a deeper understanding & attitude towards yourself, and your experiences gives you the space to be “the real you.”

Better communication

It will be life-changing when you use these simple tools to understand more about how to communicate your experiences of life to others and how others filter this information.

Breaking Generational patterns

With different insights from our history,we gain awareness on how to recognize and change generational patterns that prevent growth and healthy relationships.

What can you expect?

During the workshops, 5 main themes are discussed from which you can learn more about transgenerational issues. It is about identity (crisis), family constellation, communication, emotions and intimacy.
With each theme you get a section of history and practical information via PowerPoint and/or video and a section where you can reflect through your personal workbook with practical tools to break negative patterns. Group interaction adds the benefit of gaining other perspectives while we learn about the topics.

I offer a workshop series for men and women consisting of 5 parts. You can choose to follow all five workshops, but it is also possible to only follow the workshops that appeal to you the most.

Mpowered Women series

Ladies in this hectic world, where everyone and everything is expecting so much from us it’s important to take a step back and analyze what you are saying yes to! The goal is for you to be more aware of the patterns that cause your behavior and to give you practical tools on how to change those patterns.

Are you saying yes to:

What will you receive?

The workshops that are included:

Hey MEN…who taught you to be a man? Why were you taught not to express your emotions? Do you have a feminine side and why is this important to know? Do you know how important you are in the family structure? People, especially women, expect so much of you. However, what do you expect from yourself? 

If you want to find out more and want answers to these questions, this workshop series Mpower MEN is the ONE for you.

The goal of this workshop series is for you to be more aware of how important you are, you will become aware of your strengths,  and understand the essence of your identity as a  man. Firstly: for yourself. Secondly; for your family and third: for the community in which you reside.

What will you receive?

The workshops that are included:

Mpowermen series

What people say about my workshops


Meral Fecunda | Tourist Officer

 About Empowered Women workshop

“Gwen Inspires this name suits you perfectly! You are inspiring and encouraging!

I am glad I made the decision to participate in the complete series of workshops for women: I said Yes… to my life and ME! Each and every workshop was worth my time. I am on my self-love journey so that’s why I participated in all 5 live online workshops. On my journey I found it important to know where I came from and what path to choose. You made this very clear during this series, and you made me realize things I didn’t see before. I took many notes as you were speaking, but the Workbook you gave us for every workshop was a great tool for self-reflection and for answering some of life’s most difficult but yet important questions.

If you want to rediscover yourself, work on your personal growth and go on your personal self love journey, I recommend this workshop series. You will surely love it.

Thank You Gwen!”


Ronaiska Malacia

The workshops “Emotions and Intimacy” and “Talk vs Listen” brought so much value to my life. About “Emotions and Intimacy”: I learned about the different positions of observation and how that affects my emotions. I also learn about the different types of intimacy which I was not aware of before. I understood why it’s important to know what kind of intimacy is important for me.

About “Talk Vs Listen”: “Listen to understand, not to reply”. I will definitely hold on to this quote and the explanation about it. I believe this will help me with a lot of problems and miscommunications.

I surely recommend these workshops because you will gain knowledge in different aspects of communication. For me, there is no greater feeling than that; because then everything will flow smoothly. The content and presentation of the workshop is phenomenal and understandable. I loved the workbook, you can go through it during the workshops, and go back when needed.

Gwen is open minded and very social. She likes to communicate and bring people together to do fun things (it reminds me of our mini vacation in Aruba). This is my personal opinion. I like to have personal contact during workshops so I need to get used to the online thing. But this was a great and different experience.”






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