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Team Synergy training

Team Synergy is for the company, organization or school that wants to offer their staff, participants or students a special day or a meaningful long term course, but also believe that creating awareness of one’s habits contributes to a great team/environment and an even better organization.

I strongly believe in the power of collaboration. That is why I have been working for more than 8 years with other companies/organizations that have the same goals: helping people and creating harmonious work and personal spaces.
Throughout my career I have developed a strong network of like minded individuals and organizations that I can call on(and also call on me) when in need of support for different topics such as personal leadership, communication and team formation. We do this within neighborhoods, schools, companies, NGO`s and organizations..

Team Connection

Get to know your colleagues on a deeper level. Everyone has their struggles, but not everyone shares them. You will learn that you don't need to share everything in order to create that connection.

Developing Self Reflection

Self Reflection is one of the most important abilities a person needs, to transform a good team into a great team. During this team session you will learn how to do so.

Cultural patterns in organizations

Living on an island with a history of colonization we must understand what cultural patterns disturb a healthy team.

What can you expect?

Gwen prefers to use the word team synergy when talking about team building. “Synergia” a Greek word that stands for “a relationship whereby the resulting effect is different or greater than the sum of the individual effort”. I believe that you can only work well together if you are aware and recognize and use each person’s individual strength. Synergy day is an interflow of awareness of the individual strength and what this can mean for the entire team. So the assignments and tools for the synergy day are focused on this. You can choose your own theme for the day and we will work with that specific subject.

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