My services for individuals

1 on 1 online coaching

1 on 1 online coaching with Gwen is for you if you want to become more aware of patterns that are deep within and have influenced your life in such a way that you can’t achieve certain goals. Also if you feel that you are stuck in one or more areas in your life or if you want to learn more about the new Language of Emotions and how you can apply it in your daily life to create complete flow.

Working with people has been my calling from an early age. I now have more than 11 years of experience in working with people of different ethnicities and different life challenges. Because I continue to develop myself and continue to research humanity, I have a toolbox full of techniques and methods. This allows me to see what personally suits you once it is clear to me what you need.

Prevent Triggers

When you can map, decode, recognize triggers and structural patterns that cause blockages, you will be able to prevent unnecessary unpleasant situations but also face them without feeling guilty.

Deeper Personal Connection

Integration is the new Language of emotion I'll use to help you create that deeper connection with yourself. It is an easy and accessible practice to help you create a harmonious flow for yourself and this automatically will have an impact on those who surround you.

Personal Intimacy and Value

During this process, you will redefine what intimacy means to you but also rediscover the personal values that drive you.

How can I help you

By learning about the new Language of Emotions you will be more aware of your emotions. I will guide you during a personal online session with emotion integration. This is the process where I help you map, decode and recognize how and what you feel physically, respond emotionally, and behave. This allows you to recognize triggers and structural patterns that cause blockages.  With the given tools it becomes clearer for you what you can do to keep your social-emotional life balanced.

We start in advance with an introductory meeting to discuss your goals and mutual expectations and then proceed with 6 online sessions. During the sessions, I take into consideration what your needs are at that moment. The sessions are life or online and can also take place in your own safe environment.

What people say about my coaching


Ruthmiaris Joseph

I want to thank You Gwen. The sessions that I had with you, made a huge impact in my life. I think and experience life diferrently. happy that you always put God`s love central in everything that you say. I am very happy that I had the courage to ask you for coaching and that I opened up and dared to look in the mirror and look at myself and do self reflection. Like the quote says: if you want to change the world start with yourself. Every day is a new challenge. I try to face them I am  more aware now because of the things I have learned. I feel at peace, you are awesome. I am very grateful. 


Wesly Sparen

My experience with Gwen Inspires: Due to the different challenges I faced in life, I was looking for help to be the better version of myself. I learned a lot with Gwen. How to deal  with my emotions and how to change my focus to achieve my goals in life. 

She also helped me to create a deeper relationship with my children, because that’s what Gwen Inspires stands for. To help fathers create a better relationship and connection with their children. If you desire to know yourself better or to rediscover yourself, Gwen Inspires is an option for you. Last but not least, Gwen made me feel truly confident, which is the ideal atmosphere to open up and share what you really are and to forge a deeper connection with yourself.

The Foundation Projects

Gwen is creating awareness about the importance of the male role since 2017 on the island of Curaçao. She has created different programs to keep the topic of positive role models alive. On international men’s day November 19th, 2017 she launched the Facebook page Fathers of Curaçao with the goal to share more positive stories about manhood and fatherhood. After a while, she changed the name Fathers of Curaçao to MpowerMEN, so it will not get confused with  a page only for fathers. In 2019 She organized the first MpowerMEN male seminar attended by more than 50 male adults. In 2021 she organized the first Boys Summer Camp for teenagers. The MpowerMEN Movement was made official through MpowerMEN Foundation Curaçao in October of 2021. With an official board consisting of 3 males and Gwen as the managing director of this foundation, a great team working towards great goals to serve our community.

What does it entail?

The main goal of all these programs is to help men and boys in their social-emotional development. The youth program is a prevention program.Various research has shown that fatherless boys/men are most likely to commit crimes at an early age. They are also more likely to drop out of shool at a early age. For this and more other reasons we are commited and focused on preventative programs to creat more role models for our community to look up to.

The focus for decades in most sociteies was and still is to fight for equal opportunities between men and women instead of helping each other grow. So as a woman being part of this movement my aim is to help men grow and redefine their identity so our Afro-Caribbean families and communities can benefit from it. As Gwen inspires and MpowerMEN Foundation we offer different workshops, courses, and individual coaching so men and their families can redefine their roles in the best possible way.

MpowerMEN Youth program

This program serves teenagers in the age range of 12 to 17 years. It is a monthly gathering at a inspiring location with the focus on personal leadership which also includes a youth support group. This program ends each year with a Boys ”teen” Summer Camp that takes place in the month of July. The goal of this program is to equip these  boys with tools to have a better social/emotional life balance. Also to explore their personality through  different workshops and doing activities outside of their comfort zone. We believe that on group empathy and brotherhood are great gains in this program!

MpowerMEN adult program

As the director of MpowerMEN`s Foundation Gwen also hosts a monthly support group for adults (18+.) This is an environment where men come together  in a private  and safe environment. They come to talk about their life challenges as a man. They can be themselves and also can give each other advice when needed. This is not a therapy group: it is a support group where people get instant support from peers in their current situation with the goal to increase social emotional balance. This group also serves  as emotional support for fathers going through  juridical issues regarding their children and much more. With the information we gain from  these sessions we organise 2 yearly events on  Father’s day and on International   Men’s Day to keep Mpowering Men to be the best version of themselves.

The website is still in our native language Papiamento because our Focus, for now, is the ABC island. 

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